"Cooee", Australia has formed a joint venture company with "Sumeru" to manufacture, market, sell and support "DustBloc" in India.

This JV is Known as "Sumeru Cooee DustBloc India Pvt. Ltd."

DustBloc is now manufactured by Sumeru Cooee DustBloc India at its facility in Kolkata.

In order to compare the cost of using "DustBloc" for dust suppression to the existing cost of using water, it should be realized that "DustBloc" only needs to be sprayed twice daily. This reduction in the number of sprays used to suppress dust creates savings for your site in fuel, truck maintenance, water cost and staff cost. Typically the use of "DustBloc" twice daily will be cheaper than existing dust control systems.

In addition to these savings there are a number of benefits in having a dust free site, these include :

  • Saves on water cost by up to 90%

  • Saves on road maintenance by up to 75%

  • Reduces water truck fleet

  • Reduces grader fleet

  • Increases efficiency of work force

  • Increases availability of Haul Roads during monsoons

  • Reduces wear & tear on equipment

  • Effective under heavy and continuous traffic at high temperature

  • Tightly bound weather proofed roads

  • High Standard of Dust Control

  • Better quality of air for work force and neighbours

  • Safer working environment

  • Mixes with any type of water including sea water

  • No special equipment required for application

The use of "DustBloc" is more than just the purchase of a product and applying it on roads it is a systematic planned approach to dust suppression, which is monitored and adjusted as required with the assistance of Sumeru Cooee DustBloc India staff

   For more details : www.dustbloc.info   


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