Sumeru is working for Bridgestone OTR Tyres for more than 35 years.

Bridgestone Corporation Japan is one of the largest manufacturers of Radial OTR Tires in the world and one of the leading supplier in India.

Continuous concentration of resources and unwavering efforts have enabled Bridgestone to capture about 60 percent of the giant off-the-road tires (51 inches or larger) market and about 40 percent of the total off-the-road tires (from 15 to 63 inches) market.

Since the 1960s, Bridgestone has been an innovator in the field of off-the-road tires, supplying a full range of products and providing worldwide service for mining, underground mining, construction, high speed service (mobile crane/logging) and port customers.

At Bridgestone, we are rolling into the future.

Bridgestone OTR tires are widely used in every mine across the globe for the various HEMM equipment.

OTR tires plays a great role especially in Mining industry for providing better stability to the Vehicle and to increase the production.

Bridgestone OTR tire's line of mining tires offer the best protection for harsh operating conditions. These tires offer extra tread protection resulting in outstanding durability, strength, and outstanding protection against rock cuts and also provide phenomenal wear in high speeds in harsh conditions.

How it works?





Advantages of Radial Tires :

  • More efficient fuel consumption

  • Improved traction and flotation

  • Improved cut resistance in the tread area

  • Built to run cooler than bias tires

  • Longer tread life

Important Product Range for Indian Market :

Tyre Size
40.00R57 46/90R57 42/90R57
37.00R57 33.00R51 50/65R51
36.00R51 27.00R49 45/65R45
33.25R35 21.00R35 33.5R33
18.00R33 18.00R25 33.5R33